• 1 Big Foot

Big Foot


  • Effect pedal switcher
  • Mono and stereo versions


Mono: it has 10 mono loops and 20 presets in two banks and 4 control lines.

Stereo: it has 6 mono loops and 2 stereo loos and 20 presets in two banks.

It also features five 9Vdc outputs to power analog pedals, a MIDI port, tap tempo and two operation modes: Instant Access & Presets

It has independent buffers for input and output.

MIDI port and Tap tempo are useful to control MIDI pedals and allows to keep them in synch.

MIDI presets had been preconfigured for most popular brands in the market.

Cabinet footprint size is 435mmx165mm.

Works with 12Vdc and draws 330mA plus connected pedals consumption

Big Foot user manualpdf